On the fiction

With the exception of the recipes and anything I quote, all content is original.  You’re welcome to quote or link directly, provided I get full credit.

On the photos and drawings

Because of Pinterest and Instagram, the world has become more visual.  Words alone are no longer adequate.  In fact, I’ve seen a number of bloggers write very little valuable content but have tons of beautiful pictures.

Oh, and the price of stock photos is outrageous.

Because of this, the pictures and drawings (I apologize for the drawings) are all mine.  Don’t republish them as your own.  (Although I’d question your good taste if you wanted to claim the drawings as your own.)  If you really want to use them on your blog and no other photo will suffice, please contact me and we’ll chat.

On the recipes

The recipes I adapt or use come from multiple sources:  Pinterest, cookbooks, and family & friends.  You are welcome to copy and paste the recipes and edit and comment as you wish, provided you link back to my blog.  Let’s support each other in this little cyber community.

On adapting recipes from other blogs

I won’t steal anyone’s work intentionally, and I’ll do my best not to steal anything inadvertently.  Although I always link the original source, writing out recipes “in my own words” is a tricky place to be.  If you are uncomfortable with what or how I’ve posted, I’m happy to take it down.  It takes me about 10 seconds to hit “revert to draft” or “delete.”  It takes years and a lot of money to sue.  Please just talk to me before litigating.