2018 Word of the Year: Purge


This year was not the first year I’ve come across the concept of a “word of the year.”  I’ve been aware of the concept for years, but actually choosing and sticking to a guiding word never appealed to me.  (I write fiction.  Asking me to choose a single guiding word is too much to ask!)

For some reason, whether because the concept called to me or I’ve had enough rest to actually contemplate a reality bigger than day-to-day survival, I’ve chosen a word for 2018.


I was hesitant about this word, but as I was searching around for word of the year ideas, I came across an article about what to do after you’ve chosen your word of the year, which led me to this gem:  Stratejoy’s post about the Cycle of Years.

In my personal life, I am in the Year of Destruction.  (Side note:  At my day job, I’m in the Year of Mastery for the first time in.. ever.  So hurray!)

I’ve been in the Year (or more accurately, YEARS) of Unrest since 2012:

  • Grief over my miscarriage and the loss of my mom
  • Navigating new motherhood without a tribe
  • Financial stress
  • Getting into direct sales as an introvert
  • Our apartment being in a constant state of disaster

My favorite church service of the year is the Christmas Eve Service.  As I sat in this past service, I realized that:

  • I was just going through the motions, and
  • I can’t live like this anymore.

This year, I am purging clutter, unnecessary expenses, debt, habits that interfere with my goal of better physical health, anger, grief, and beliefs that keep me stuck.

This year, I am not taking on any new challenges.  I am starting where I am, respecting where I am, and spending extra time reflecting on how to pull myself out of the cycle of survival.

About Jennifer

Middle-aged working mother of a little guy. Also a Barefoot Books Ambassador. Prone to cooking, ranting, fiction writing, and musing.
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