Four Months!

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The boy is four months old!  I’m amazed by the leaps and bounds he’s made in the past month alone.

He’s smiling whenever anyone talks to him.  He’s laughing fully belly laughs.  He’s rolling from back to belly and belly to back (only when he’s in the mood.)  He moves around by pulling his legs to his chest and throwing them over to the side.  He can hold his head very high during tummy time.  He can sit for a moment or two, unassisted.  The time he can sit unassisted is already lengthening.

He continues to “talk” to us.  He’s figured out how to make high-pitched squeals.  It’s becoming easier to comfort him (although much less easy to get him to sleep!)  The other night, he watched me and listened while I read Winnie the Pooh to him.  He sat between my legs while we looked at Goodnight Moon and Time for Bed.

We had our first parent-teacher conference for his daycare, and we were delighted to hear that he’s very social.  He’s been able to bond with all of his teachers.  He is apparently right on track with his cognitive development.

We are really blessed to have such a healthy, happy baby!

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