National Novel Writing Month

I’m going to attempt NaNoWriMo again.  I won in 2011 and 2012.  I didn’t make it in 2013 because I was hit with massive mental fatigue in my first trimester.

I finally have my stamina back, and the boring art of pumping will give me at least an extra 20-40 minutes per day (morning and night.)  The old man has promised me writing time over the weekends as well.

All I need to do is avoid writing about the misadventures of a new mom and her animosity toward her breast pump.

Perhaps I’ll avoid parenthood all together:

  • a young woman in her first year of college
  • a young man in his first year of college
  • a college graduate making his or her way in the world
  • the dissolution of a marriage due to infidelity… committed by the wife
  • empty nesters who have just dropped their youngest off at college
  • maybe a combo of the freshman and empty nesters
  • revisionist history of my life (too scary to comprehend)

About Jennifer

Middle-aged working mother of a little guy. Also a Barefoot Books Ambassador. Prone to cooking, ranting, fiction writing, and musing.
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